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KLEARSOUND empowers the listener to emotionally connect with the music. With classical or acoustic music, KLEARSOUND lets you FEEL THE SOUND as if you were there in person.

KLEARSOUND enhances the excitement, emotion & energy of any recorded sound.

KLEARSOUND is different from any audio enhancement system because it truly remasters and enhances your music using our AWARD WINNING PHYSONIC ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGY (PHYSONICS). PHYSONICS was selected by the Music & Film Industries in the 80s & 90s to re-master, enhance and create first generation digital masters from existing catalogs. (KLEARSOUND was ORIGINALLY marketed as E.R.I.C.)

KLEARSOUND produces inviting sound that draws the listener in and keeps their attention for extended and more enjoyable listening periods. Think of KLEARSOUND as an upgrade to your sound system and to your ears!

KLEARSOUND raises the sound quality of your MP3, M4V (AAC), OGG, WMA or any compressed [LOSSY] or non-compressed [LOSSLESS] (FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, OPUS) digital or analog audio files.

KLEARSOUND transforms the sound of any small, thin Internet Audio File back into its original powerful production version without resorting to a LARGE LOSSLESS SOUND FILE!

Lossy coding processes (i.e., MP3, MP4, AAC & AC3), dininish ambience, space and low-level information from their original recordings making them sound extremely weak and small. Many engineers try to use COMPRESSORS to reduce these losses. COMPRESSORS "thicken" the sound and increase reverberation, but rarely achieve the desired results.

Also, lossy coders were never designed to deal with the incredibly HYPERCOMPRESSED RECORDINGS of today, resulting in extreme distortion and less than satisfactory sound out of the decoder. KLEARSOUND effectively deals with the ambience and spatial losses without forcing you to resort to excessive compression of dynamic range.